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Did you know that children’s eyes are extremely sensitive to UV radiation? It’s important you invest in a pair of sunglasses for them as well. And it that case, it better be a cool pair that they will enjoy wearing!


We cannot emphasize the importance of sunglasses for young and old. Children’s eyes are extra vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV radiation or ultraviolet light. That is why we recommend that they start wearing sunglasses at a young age. This is even more important on warm summer days with lots of sunshine, holidays on the beach or even a ski trip! Shiny surfaces like water, sand, grass and snow reflect more UV. You’re protecting their skin with a layer of sun cream too, right?

Kids sunglasses come in all sizes, including styles for babies and toddlers. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a nice pair of sunglasses. In our boutique and on the webshop you’ll discover cool and colorful styles by Polaroid and Ray-Ban. The brand Polaroid, by the way, is the inventor of the original polarized sunlenses. Polarized lenses offer an extra filter against bright and annoying reflections. All our children’s sunglasses offer 100% UV protection!


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