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With a team that mainly consists of women, we dare to lose sight of our men’s collections. That’s why we would like to introduce you to our latest eyewear brand, David Beckham eyewear, a collection exclusively for men.


The name David Beckham needs no explanation. With a career as a top footballer, a marriage to ex-Spice Girl and designer Victoria Beckham and of course the gossip that goes with it, we are pretty sure everybody knows him. So let’s talk about this brand new collection right away.

Beckham has put together a collection of timeless frames in collaboration with the Italian eyewear manufacturer Safilo, which produces Dior, Fendi & Elie Saab. His demanding taste and attention for detail resulted in a collection of contemporary and affordable sunglasses, which immediately caught our eye due to the high degree of finish. The basis of the DB eyewear is a series of timeless classics, with a retro accent here and there. In addition to these iconic models, we also spot some vintage-inspired aviator styles and 2 models that are made to wear under a motorcycle helmet. That’s the model 7000S and the model 7019S.

I set out to create glasses that would never go out of style. Special pieces that I would love to wear myself. My own style journey has taught me the power of simplicity and the importance of detail and craftsmanship.

David Beckham eyewear zomer 2020 - optiek LammerantDavid Beckham

Talisman & DB-monogram

You’ll recognize each pair of David Beckham sunglasses by 2 characteristic features. On the one hand, the Talisman, the defining detail of the collection, adorning both corner pieces. The emblem refers to a bird’s wings – a symbol of strength, protection and freedom. On the other hand, the DB monogram testifies to unique quality and style. Using laser technology, the initials are subtly engraved on the left lens.

Try the DB sunglasses for summer 2020 in the store now or shop them online!

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